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Seeing White

By Sarah J Hart I moved back to this small town in the Adirondack Park five years ago. In that time I found work I loved, met the man I will marry, and had a beautiful baby girl. My life is full of very Adirondack-y activities: I hike mountains with my dogs, stack wood for... Continue Reading →

The River

By Sarah J Hart We lived on a bluff overlooking the Epulu River. From the back side of the compound one could see the expanse of it – wide and silvery, cut with brown. As it flowed west, water and sky drew together, like two fingers of the same hand, pressing between them the thick... Continue Reading →

Doing Justice

By Sarah J Hart It’s a bright winter morning, sunlight pouring in from the east, and I am in a van on my way to jail. We’ve just crossed from Manhattan into the Bronx and are heading north on a wide boulevard. We pass a long line of elegant limestone row houses getting a face-full... Continue Reading →

Detroit Re-New

If you are not familiar with Detroit, and you drive around on a little tour, this is what might, initially, impress you: The beautiful brick homes – gorgeous homes! Expansive, distinguished, embellished with elaborate woodwork and fanciful touches of stained glass and shingling – now abandoned. They are encroached upon by vines, missing bricks, and... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia Study Musing 4: Passage

Passing Strange, a Broadway theater production also immortalized in film by Spike Lee, tells the story of a young African American man, a single son of a single mother, from an affluent Black community in the suburbs of L.A. The play opens when Main Character is in his teens and suffering severe disgust with just... Continue Reading →

Peddling a Bird’s Eye View

  Biking has changed my perspective on New York City. It has become simultaneously bigger and more complex, and smaller and easier. I travel into parts of the map previously unimaginable and marvel at how it just goes on and on, one neighborhood-village unfolding into the next, little universes fully equipped, as disconnected from one... Continue Reading →

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